Development, support and promotion of websites

The website is a face of your company in Internet. It is some kind of the office with visitors is not limited by spatial and time frameworks. We are ready to incur design, development and support of your virtual representation.

Development of advertising strategy

Advertising strategy is a complex of actions directed on promoting of a product or service. To achieve the necessary results we must lay down accurately the aims and advertising problems, to define target audience and concrete advantages of the goods or services, to choose means of distribution of the advertising information. We will help you to inform competently the essential information to the consumer.

Development of corporate identity

Corporate identity is an individual image of your company which main objectives are formation of favorable image of the company, recognition among set of contestant firms and trust of partners and also strengthening of efficiency of contact to clients.

Printing design

Printing products - one of the most inexpensive and effective ways to attract the attention of the consumer, which is an doubtless advantage of its materiality and tangibility! And our main goal is not only to provide your customer with flyers and leaflets, but also make him remember the advertising image of your company.

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