• Development, support and promotion of websites.
  • Provide servers and webhosting.
  • Search and contextual advertising.
  • 3D modeling and animation.
  • Printing design.

Though we can not boast low prices, you may be confident of our expertise and responsibility. Eterion team works as reliable as swiss watches.

Our mission is to improve your business with our experience. 


Latest Projects

Best Projects

This website made for one of the biggest auto dealers in the Central Europe. The one of the noticeable features is the cars rotator as we call it, which you may see on the home page. Also the website has a complex system of the vehicles storing and variety of the search tools, which allows you to search and compare vehicles in most efficient way.
en, ru, sl, uk
User friendly platform for selling and purchasing mostly used vehicles. The powerful functionality allows sellers to specify car's information as detailed as possible. Each vehicle can be evaluated on demand by independent experts and get its rating stars.
Such a huge site for the small town! That's why you can get detailed information about life in town, upcoming events, culture, business and much more, the only limit is your curiosity.
The main feature of the website is under hood. All this structured and consistent information are available thanks to sophisticated content management system with hierarchical access for each town's department to its particular piece of website they are responsible.
The website presents a group of alcoholic brands. The basic functionality is built around the brands slider. Slider embedded into slider where each slide has a set of slides - sounds good, doesn't it? To top it of each and every brand has its own micro page, something a kind of self-contained website.
en, ru
We went out of our way to make this website simple and consistent but at the same time powerful and useful for our dear clients. By using SEBLOD component for Joomla we have splitted information up into two main parts. These parts are the projects and clients.
Informational and entertaining portal of Yasinovataya town. It's the best way to get perspective on the life of the town. The ads, job opportunities, events, announcements, interesting articles all are collected here.
de, it
This website is as fabulous as brand it presents. It's all about beauty, fashion and art. Sure, it's hard work to follow fashion trends however we made it easy for you. Just surf the site and feel free in creating your image.
Successful companies require unique and progressive solutions for achievement of their purposes. One of such companies is Unterberger Immobilien, and one of appropriate solutions has become a unique image slider. Developed from scratch this slider based on SVG and jQuery. Such conjunction allowed to develop something new that goes beyond the ordinary slider based on JavaScript.

Hall in Tirol Website is updated to Joom…


Completed a grand renovation to the Joomla version 3.3 on the website of Hall in Tirol.


Tokyo website v2 launched


A bilingual website (Romanian, Russian) for Tokyo launched on new domain tokyo.com.md. Tokyo is now available to Moldova.


Eterion v4 website launched


The fourth version of the website has fresh design, extended catalog of projects, focus on new technologies.